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Thanks for checking out my website. I hope you will find it a fun place to go for cool art and fun facts about all things comic. I’m an experienced graphic designer and illustrator. Although I have never worked in the comic book industry I have been a commercial artist for many years and a lover and collector of comic books since childhood. I still get a thrill during my weekly visit to my local comic shop.

This website is an expression of that love for comics, heroes in particular and pop art and design in general. It is also a showcase for my own artwork in its various forms.
The Gallery page is a gallery of my artwork in general. It includes published work, commissions, and personal projects.

The Lance Larson page spotlights my web comic: Lance Larson, subcontractor for SHIELD. Lance is a weekly comic about a SHIELD agent want-a-be who finds himself caught up in a wild and hilarious adventure set squarely in the Marvel comic universe. Check it out each week for new pages and character profiles, future plot lines, and other special features.

Honestly, LL is the driving force behind the building of this website. I’m way behind the technological curve of social media but I’m learning quickly.
The Comic Paintings page is a gallery of my classic comic book cover reproductions. I like BIG, colorful pop art and nothing is more dynamic than a well designed comic book cover. These 28” x 40” paintings are acrylic on masonite. They are my best attempts to capture the essence of an exciting comic book cover. I’ve painted several pieces over the years for myself, friends, and by commission. All the images on this page are taken from my paintings. I’ve even produced pieces as large as 4’ x 8’. What’s your favorite comic book cover? Let me know and you may see it up soon.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel fee to comment on any of its content. I’m always looking for ways to improve my ability to share my passion for comic art more effectively.

Hurray for for new beginnings!

About Chuck Hart

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator who has worked in the publishing business for many years. My passion for all things comic book and sci fi have lead me to finally set up my own website.
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