Who Mourns the Watcher?

The WatcherI rarely have a strong reaction to the “death” of character in comics because we all know that hardly anyone stays dead in the Marvel and DC universes. Having said that, I have to reflect briefly on the passing of a Marvel icon, Uatu, aka, the Watcher.

This cosmic Peeping Tom burst onto the scene in Fantastic Four #13. In FF #48 he returned save the world from the dreaded Galactus. Sworn to observe and record human behavior but never to interfere, Uatu broke the rules because he saw something inspiring in mankind, something worth saving.

Uatu was both and noble and creepy character. Obvious wise beyond comprehension (after all, he did wear a toga) and omnipresent (able to see all activity on earth and beyond). You could always tell if an event was of galactic significance because the Watcher would make a personal appearance in order to get a ring side seat. One wonders if Uatu was present at the storming of Normandy, the invention of the iPhone, or the conception of Prince George.

So here’s to the alien ogler who gave us comfort and hope, who could take a punch from the Hulk, and whose death brought Nick Fury out of retirement. And for that we thank you.

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