Lance Larson is on a break.

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Lance Larson Chapter in Begin Next Week!

Agents profile promoSo you’ve followed Lance and Darius through chapter one. What will happen next? What’s going on with in Absorbing Man? What will happen to Lance and Darius in the hands of SHIELD? Will Lance ever make it to a helicarrier? Will the Fantastic four make it to Aunt Petunia’s birthday bash on time? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Lance Larson; Subcontractor for SHIELD! Until then check out these character profiles of new faces you’ll see in chapter two.

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Lance Larson, New Page Every Monday

LL PROMO2The first chapter of Lance Larson is coming to an end. I hope you found it entertaining and fun. I am having a blast publishing my first wed comic. Look for some extra features like new character profiles and fun artwork in the weeks to come.

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Lance Larson Premiers at SC Comicon

LL StandupsSCCominiconThanks to everyone who came by to say hello at the SC Comicon in Greenville, SC. I had a great time. I drew a ton of bobble head caricatures, meet some show great web comic creators, and even sat on my first panel. Now I can get back to the fun of writing and drawing Lance. Stay frosty, true believers!

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Who Mourns the Watcher?

The WatcherI rarely have a strong reaction to the “death” of character in comics because we all know that hardly anyone stays dead in the Marvel and DC universes. Having said that, I have to reflect briefly on the passing of a Marvel icon, Uatu, aka, the Watcher.

This cosmic Peeping Tom burst onto the scene in Fantastic Four #13. In FF #48 he returned save the world from the dreaded Galactus. Sworn to observe and record human behavior but never to interfere, Uatu broke the rules because he saw something inspiring in mankind, something worth saving.

Uatu was both and noble and creepy character. Obvious wise beyond comprehension (after all, he did wear a toga) and omnipresent (able to see all activity on earth and beyond). You could always tell if an event was of galactic significance because the Watcher would make a personal appearance in order to get a ring side seat. One wonders if Uatu was present at the storming of Normandy, the invention of the iPhone, or the conception of Prince George.

So here’s to the alien ogler who gave us comfort and hope, who could take a punch from the Hulk, and whose death brought Nick Fury out of retirement. And for that we thank you.

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Lance Larson Makes Personal Appearance!

FreeComicBookDayLance Larson; Subcontractor for SHIELD made his first public appearance on Free Comic Book Day at the Tangled Web in Spartanburg, SC. Thanks to everyone who came by to hear about Lance and his friends. Check out this pic from the day. that’s my friend, Gregory Dickens ( on the left. He must have drawn a hundred sketches that day.

Lance will next appear at the SC Comicon In Greenville, SC on May 17 and 18. Come by for some fun and surprises. Till then…

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Larson Larson Premieres!

LL PROMOLarson Larson had its debuted this Month. Look for a new page every Wednesday.

Catch me at two appearances in May for the official kickoff. The first is May 3, Free Comic Book Day, at the Tangled Web Comic Shop ( in Spartanburg, SC starting at 11 am. Or see me at the SC Comicon ( in Greenville, SC, May 17 and 18. Let me know what you think about Lance and check out my other comic related work and other cool stuff. Hope to see you soon.

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Lance Larson is on its way!

Lance Larson promo

Lance Larson; Subcontractor for SHIELD, a weekly webcomic, premieres April 2, 2014!



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Larson Larson Webcomic

Lance Larson profileDarius profile promo

Lance Larson; Subcontractor for SHIELD is a weekly web comic scheduled to premiere in April. Here are some character profiles that tell you a more about the series.


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Getting started

Thanks for checking out my website. I hope you will find it a fun place to go for cool art and fun facts about all things comic. I’m an experienced graphic designer and illustrator. Although I have never worked in the comic book industry I have been a commercial artist for many years and a lover and collector of comic books since childhood. I still get a thrill during my weekly visit to my local comic shop.

This website is an expression of that love for comics, heroes in particular and pop art and design in general. It is also a showcase for my own artwork in its various forms.
The Gallery page is a gallery of my artwork in general. It includes published work, commissions, and personal projects.

The Lance Larson page spotlights my web comic: Lance Larson, subcontractor for SHIELD. Lance is a weekly comic about a SHIELD agent want-a-be who finds himself caught up in a wild and hilarious adventure set squarely in the Marvel comic universe. Check it out each week for new pages and character profiles, future plot lines, and other special features.

Honestly, LL is the driving force behind the building of this website. I’m way behind the technological curve of social media but I’m learning quickly.
The Comic Paintings page is a gallery of my classic comic book cover reproductions. I like BIG, colorful pop art and nothing is more dynamic than a well designed comic book cover. These 28” x 40” paintings are acrylic on masonite. They are my best attempts to capture the essence of an exciting comic book cover. I’ve painted several pieces over the years for myself, friends, and by commission. All the images on this page are taken from my paintings. I’ve even produced pieces as large as 4’ x 8’. What’s your favorite comic book cover? Let me know and you may see it up soon.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel fee to comment on any of its content. I’m always looking for ways to improve my ability to share my passion for comic art more effectively.

Hurray for for new beginnings!

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